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First-Party Property Insurance Law

First-Party Property Insurance Law involves claims made by insureds who allege that they suffered a loss and seek to recover for it under their own policy of property insurance.

In our First-Party Property Insurance Law practice, Grasing & Associates protects our Insurance Company clients, by helping them reach a well-considered coverage decision on a claim. We conduct thorough examinations under oath and obtain material and relevant documents from insureds, and outside sources, in order to help provide the Insurance Company with the evidence it needs to determine whether a claim is covered or not, and to be confident in its decision. If an insured disagrees with the Insurance Company’s coverage determination, and sues, we defend the Insurance Company against the resulting lawsuit.

At Grasing & Associates, we assist Insurance Companies with all different types of claims, including those made under residential and commercial policies of insurance; those involving damage to real property and to personal property, whether it is scheduled or unscheduled; those seeking to recover for business interruption losses, loss of rents, or for additional living expenses; claims to recover for losses possibly caused by arson, other intentional acts, or other excluded causes of loss; other possibly fraudulent and/or exaggerated claims; as well as those involving potential material misrepresentations in the application for insurance. We also handle claims made by insureds and by mortgagees, and appreciate the differences between them and the impact each has on the other.

If a claim goes into suit, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to defend the Insurance Company. To get the Insurance Company the result it deserves, we judiciously use the most appropriate tools, whether that is substantive motion practice or trial; the use of contingent subrogation claims or defensive interpleader; or our knowledge of and experience with the appellate process.

Providing coverage opinions on claims, involving policy interpretation, also is a large part of our practice. We use our understanding of policy language; the interplay, and differences, between all-risk coverage, named peril coverage, and coverage exclusions; the importance of covered property provisions; and the impact certain policy endorsements have on coverage, to produce thorough, substantiated, coverage opinions for individual claims.