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Third-Party Insurance Defense


In our Third-Party Insurance Defense practice we work with Insurance Companies to protect their Insureds who have been sued for allegedly causing property damage or personal injury. We handle claims arising out of motor vehicle accidents, construction accidents, slips and falls, and premises liability. We approach each case as a team effort, where cooperation and clear communication between and among the Insured, the Insurance Company, and the attorney are equally important in mounting an effective defense.

Working With Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies often are primarily concerned with hiring a lawyer to
defend their Insureds. We understand that in order to properly defend an Insured, you need to determine what caused the accident, who is at fault for the accident, and confirm what actual injuries or damages were caused by the accident. We develop a clear cut, concise plan to do this, by working closely with the Insured and the Insurance Company to get, and use, all important available evidence. We then steadily work towards proving our case. We understand that preparing for trial from the beginning, fully evaluating the pros and cons of a case well before trial, and not being afraid to go to trial, as well as ensuring that one attorney handles the case from beginning to end, are the best ways we can fight to protect the Insured.

Working With Insureds

Once assigned to represent an Insured, in order to obtain the best possible outcome we work closely with the Insured to develop a good attorney-client relationship. We understand that most people haven’t been sued before and they need to be listened to and guided through what is often a traumatic experience; they, after all, are the ones being sued. Since most times a jury eventually will judge an Insured and decide the case, we believe that a better prepared, more at ease, Insured provides the best chance of success. That is what our experienced attorneys, who have litigated and tried similar cases with similar issues, strive to achieve. This benefits the Insurance Company as well, since it is the one that ultimately indemnifies the Insured.